The Gurung (Tamu) Society is registered as a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization in the state of New York. Since its inception in 2001, it has been focusing on the following three types of projects and activities:

I. Membership Services in NY Tri-State areas

  • Education and Youth Programs
  • Immigration and Legal Workshops
  • Cultural Heritage and Social Activities
  • Help and support each other at difficult times

II. Nepal Projects

  • Tangting Education Project – Teachers training and annual financial support
  • Hamro Nepal – Earthquake Rebuilding Projects

III. Global Citizenship

  • Tsunami Relief 2004
  • Fund Raising for the victims of Hurricane Katrina 2005
  • Haiti Earthquake relief 2010
  • Fund Raising for 9/11 2011
  • Fund Raising for the victims of Hurricane Sandy 2012
  • Sunkoshi Flood Relief in Nepal 2014
  • Nepal Earthquake relief 2015