Rebuilding and strengthening education of Bal Kalyan School Project

Background and Context of Project area:

Sipapokhari VDC is a hilly VDC of Sindhupalchauk district in Nepal. Most of the community members have been living below the poverty line. The people of the project area are most marginalized like Dalit and Tamang community. This community depend highly on traditional agriculture production system and lack in any other employment opportunities. Under such circumstances, Bal Kalyan School happens to be the only school for the children of Sipapokahri VDC 4.

However, after the devastating earthquake which took place in the year 2015, the school building of Bal Kalyan School had been destroyed and the people in Sipapokhari VDC have been facing the following problems regarding education:

  • All children of school has been studying Temporary Learning Center (TLC) and facing problem of seating.
  • There is not enough space for administration and teachers in the school.
  •  There is no learning environment for children in school.

Background Project:

  • Since 1982, Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO) has been working for rights of Dalit and most vulnerable community in Nepal. Education is one of the major intervention areas of the organization. NNDSWO has been providing scholarship to vulnerable, orphan children from Dalit community in order to increase their access to education. After divesting earthquake of last year 2015, the 14 district of central region has affected and most of schools have been destroyed and all students have been studying at Temporary Learning center (TLC). Due to the earthquake, the Bal kalyan School has also been damaged and now all children has been facing problem of in the school.
  • The project will support to the local needy children and community to access in education facilities through constructing school building and other community mobilization program. The financial support of the project has been provided by “Gurung (Tamu) Society Inc. New York, USA” and project management as well as activities are being implemented by NNDSWO.

Overall Objective:

The overall objective of the project is to rebuild Bal Kalyan Primary School destroyed by earthquakes with the long-term objective of strengthening educational capacity of the School and to serve the students primarily from Dalit and Tamang communities. In effect, the partnership aims to construct an earthquake-resistant and quality building, which serve these purposes:

  1. To improve the quality education status of children of Bal Kalyan school in Sipapokahari.
  2. To increase the access to favourable learning environment of Dalit and marginalized children in school.
  3. To build the strong social and dignified relation among community people.
  4. To established the social justice practice in marginalized community through the education and empowerment. 

Project Progress and achievement:

The following progress during the periods of December 2016 to February 15, 2017;

  • Agreement between NNDSWO and School has been made with detail terms and condition along with role of partnership.
  • School building design has been revised as per government suggestion in different stage and time.
  • Finally, Central level Project Implementation Unit (CLPIU) under the ministry of education has provided the recommendation of school building design for getting final approval from Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) of government agency. Now, the process has under the consideration of DUDBC.
  • NNDSWO has been preparing the tender process to hiring the technical group for school construction at filed level.


Project Progress and achievement of October to November  2017:
The following progress has been cover during this period;
• Finally, the school Building Construction Company has selected and made a contract with company (named: Agrim Nirman Sewa, P.LTD).
• The company has agreed to complete all construction work within 120 days which will be 31st January 2018.
• The School Construction work layout and inauguration program was on conducted on 27th Oct 2017 with involvement of all partners, school teacher, SMC and local government agencies as well.
• For now, the construction company has been working in the field for material collection, ground development and other basic work for construction.