Dear friends and supporters of Hamro Nepal,

It is our pleasure to report that Hamro Nepal rebuilding projects are finally getting kicked off. The delay was beyond our control given the volatile political situation in Nepal.  We appreciate your patience and support. It took over a year for the Government of Nepal to finalize the policy guidelines for rebuilding. It delayed projects for all international organizations including us. We were, however, continuously working with our partners in a responsible way through Ashok Gurung, one of Gurung Society’s Board of Directors (BODs). Ashok who is the Sr. Director at India China Institute of New School University has 25+ years of experience in the field of education and international development. After making 7 trips to Nepal (on his own expenses) over the last year, Ashok has carefully identified and recommended four projects and partners to the BODs. The Gurung Society BODs has unanimously approved the proposed projects and the partners. The agreements have been signed between The Gurung Society and the selected partners. The projects and partners are as follows:

1). Construct a primary school in Aklang village, Barpak VDC, Gorkha, in partnership with Chandra Gurung Conservation Foundation. Barpak VDC is located at the epicenter of the earthquake. The school will be dedicated to Dr. Chandra Gurung to honor his contributions to conservation and sustainable development in Nepal.

2) Construct a primary school in Sipapokhri, Sindhupalchowk, in partnership with Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization, joined by three other organizations as supporting collaborators i.e. Jagaran Media Center, Samata Foundation and Sarita Trust Fund. We are designating the funds received from the NYC Mayor’s Fund to this site. The primary school will be dedicated to late Suvash Darnal, a prominent journalist and advocate for equal rights of Dalits and other marginalized groups of Nepal. Our vision is to develop Sipapokhri as an important site for Social Justice Learning.

3). Help rebuild a lower secondary school at Kharpachowk VDC in Kavre district, in partnership with SAGUN  Institute for Social Research and Development. The school building will be dedicated to honor late Dr. Prahlad Yonzon, a renowned wildlife biologist

4). Construct two multi-purpose community centers in Suri and Chankhu VDCs in Dolakha district, in partnership with National Trust for Nature Conservation. The centers will be dedicated to late Dr. Harka Gurung and Mingma Sherpa of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for their contributions to nature conservation and development in Nepal. The centers will be used for emergency shelter, health camps, training and orientation programs etc.

In brief, Gurung Society from the very beginning had decided a set of guidelines for Hamro Nepal initiative:

  • Use all funds raised from Hamro Nepal event for reconstruction purposes (not for relief, recovery or temporary activities)
  • Support suitable projects (mainly to promote education) in rural areas (not urban) and for meeting community’s needs (not supporting individuals or households)
  • Use funds for marginalized communities, not just for the Gurungs, even though Gurung Society of USA raised the funds
  • Work with capable and credible partners who are committed to broader equity and sustainability concerns i.e. beyond reconstruction of physical infrastructures and who are government registered entities eligible to receive foreign funds
  • In addition, find partners who are in position to mobilize additional resources and create much positive multiplier impact
  • Dedicate the buildings to honor carefully selected important leaders from indigenous and Dalit communities to recognize their immense contributions and to inspire future generations

Once again, Gurung Society thanks you for your generous contributions and  love for Nepal. We know just like us, you want to see the devastated communities of Nepal get back on to their feet. These projects will certainly play an important part in their long recovery process. As part of our agreements, we will receive quarterly updates from our partners on these projects. And we will provide you regular updates on, our official website. Please stay tuned and check us back here!

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