Sapana Shree


Sapana Shree, whose songs are collected in dozens of collection albums, has got three albums solely to her credit and is preparing for the forth one. She has more than 600 songs of all genres on recordAlong with other genres, she is an equally sought after singer for stage concerts. In addition to her melodious voice, her amicable nature easily wins the hearts of the audience. Shortly after the Dashain Festivals, she is traveling nationwide along with her counterparts to perform concerts at eight different parts of the country. The ‘Shanti Sangeet Yatra’ that was also organized two years back had become very popular then.

Sapana Shree, who represents the artistes of the new generation by age, matches senior artistes in quality and holds a lot of expectations from audiences.

Nima Rumba


Nima Rumba is a popular singer, lyricist, musician, and actor from Nepal. Rumba started out on the Nepalese music scene 24 years ago as part of seminal band The Bass, before joining The Peace and taking out an award in the 1992 Rara Nepali Pop Music Competition with the song ‘Aai Deu Priya’. Since then, Rumba has maintained an extensive and prolific solo career, solidifying his position as one of the brightest stars in Nepal.

Inspired by stars like Michael Jackson and George Michael, his contagious energy and passion have made him one of the most highly regarded and sought-after live acts for music fans in Nepal and much of South Asia. “I do all the best I can when I’m on stage to entertain all the audience,” he says, before adding humbly, “and I guess I’m good at it.”

Shyam Nepali


Kathmandu-based instrumentalist Shyam Nepali is a master of the sarangi, a bowed instrument with a slightly weeping sound that reminds one of a cross between a violin and a Chinese erhu. On this solo release, Nepali shows his technical skill and virtuosity with the sarangi, serenading listeners with ten tracks of pure strings.

Despite his backdrop and the connotations of the instrument, the music does not always sound specifically Indian in nature. For example, “Illusions” borrows from the melody of the Japanese folk classic “Sakura” and “Destination” is played in a rich, multi-textured manner that is slightly reminiscent of Appalachian banjo music. “Himalayan Sounds” has a more traditional Tibetan sound to it, with a warm, cheerful melody that utilizes both bowed and plucked playing styles and “Winds of Everness” is sparse and meditative. A beautiful album for exploring classic instrumentation from the Indian subcontinent.

Raju Lama


Raju Lama is a singer/songwriter from Nepal. He is the lead singer of musical band Mongolian Heart.[1] His work involves songs in Nepali and Tamang language. Besides pop songs, he has also sang patriotic national songs in Nepali language. Raju Lama and his friend created a musical band in 1993 AD and named it Mongolian Heart. He was the vocalist of the band. The first album released was “Mongolian Heart, Vol-1″. The recent album by Raju Lama is “Mongolian Heart, Vol-6″ which was released after he was back from the USA.

Raju Lama is involved with NGO of Nepal like Greenlife Buddhist Society Nepal , an NGO involved in social service and Nepal Tamang Art and Culture Centre. Recently, he also began The Raju Lama Foundation. His foundation works to promote education in rural communities. It particularly specializes in building schools, and providing material for students to be able to receive education. He deeply believes that education is extremely important in order to achieve success.



Formed in 2008, RED BARAAT is a pioneering eight-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. Conceived by Sunny Jain, the group has drawn worldwide praise for its singular sound — a merging of hard driving North Indian bhangra rhythms with elements of jazz, go-go, brass funk, and hip-hop. Created with no less a purposeful agenda than manifesting joy and unity in all people, Red Baraat’s spirit is worn brightly on its sweaty and hard-worked sleeve. And is being returned to them in cities all over the world, as word spreads of the band’s incredibly powerful live performances.

In 2013 Red Baraat released Shruggy Ji, their second full length and first properly distributed record. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard World Music Charts. An even more estimable feat, considering the band chose to self-release the record on their own Sinj Records imprint. At the same time, Red Baraat occupied three of the top ten selling records on iTunes North American world music sales charts. In June, Red Baraat issued Big Talk, a platter of songs recorded during the Shruggy Ji sessions, which also includes remixes by friends and bandmates in TV on the Radio and Antibalas.

Dan Zanes & Ashley Phillips

zanes phillips

The Dan Zanes song gusto hour is a chance for families and people of all ages to gather and sing at the top of their lungs with Grammy award winning musician Dan Zanes. The song gusto atmosphere is loose, communal, and festive. Songbooks will be made available to families in advance online and people are invited to bring their instruments. Zanes occupies a unique place in American music where sea shanties, English music hall, North American and West Indian folk music, play party songs, the spirit of early rock-and-roll and soulful originals collide. With his band, Dan Zanes and Friends, he has toured the world sharing handmade 21st century social music with enthusiastic crowds of kids and kid sympathizers.

Joining Dan on stage will be Ashley Phillips. Ashley Phillips/APSoul is acoustic guitar led, soulful and spiritual storytelling that is both universal and timeless. As a vocalist, her pure tone dances between light and lyrical, earnest and compelling. Her often percussive and rhythm-driven guitar playing creates a full sound that adds depth and supports the delicacy of her delivery.

Tuelo & Her Cousins


Tuelo Minah is Tswana from the countryside of South Africa where she grew up singing in the fields of her family’s farm. After moving to New York City, her talents were uncovered unintentionally while accompanying her friend to an audition for Grammy winning Hugh Masekela. She then went on to perform and record with Angelique Kidjo and can be heard on the Grammy winning album Djin Djin. Tuelo’s voice has graced Central Park SummerStage, Carnegie Hall, Late Night with David Letterman, the Blue Note, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, to name a few. She was the music director for Ndebele Funeral which won the Overall Excellence Award – Best Play at the 2013 Fringe Festival NYC.

Tuelo & Her Cousins, her most meaningful project to date, is her musical family that explores and brings to life her original songs.

Little Silver


Little Silver is Erika Simonian and Steve Curtis, whose two voices square off in lockstep over the bed of their guitars. The band’s debut recording The Stolen Souvenir is a bare and intimate window onto a small set of gorgeous songs, and in April 2012 they released Dress Up, a striking and spare interpretation of many of their favorite cover songs. Both albums are out on their Record Park label.

Erika is a one decade veteran of NYC’s songwriter circle, with praise from The New York Times and a Lilith Fair appearance to her name, and Steve is a founding member of and writer for Hem, with whom he has sold over 85,000 records worldwide and performed all over. Hem’s trademark jewelbox lullabies are a central feature of Little Silver’s sound as well, though with the help of Ray Rizzo on drums (Dawn Landes, Doveman) and David Tarica on bass (Mia Riddle), the band also reaches out, venturing into bold and experimental sounds.